Michael Luxon 


Michael is responsible for the communication and networking aspects of the business. With a background in advertising and marketing, he has previously worked for a number of FTSE 100 businesses.


Throughout the past seven years, he has devoted himself fully to the renewable energy, and energy efficiency markets as a director of CleanTech Leasing.

Michael's broad network of contacts allows 4 CleanTech to reach and target the right customers for its energy offerings. 

Trevor A. Goldhagen


Prior to entering the business of energy efficiency and renewable energy provision seven years ago, Trevor gained an excellent reputation as a banking, asset and finance professional in the UK. 

At 4 CleanTech he is now able to unite his passions and knowledge of the energy and financial markets. 

Working with manufacturers, integrators, developers and end-user clients, Trevor's vast experience has helped to secure the required funding for numerous projects. 

Günther J. Schulz 


Günther's background is in engineering and specifically CHP-Combined Heat & Power. 

A German national, now resident in the UK, he founded a CHP business in Germany, in the late 1980's, which he turned into one of the world's leading biogas CHP manufacturers at the time.  

The company's annual sales exceeded €33m with more than 170 employees by the time he sold it to an investment group based in the United States in 2008. 

Since this success, Günther has been actively investing into various European markets including onshore wind, solar PV, CHP, battery storage and AD Biogas. 

His extensive background allows 4 CleanTech to offer cutting-edge technology for energy efficiency and renewable energy provision. 


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