Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) 

4 CleanTech provides its customers with a fully-funded commercial installation of approved energy generation technologies such as Combined Heat & Power (CHP) and roof-top solar PV. In return, the customer purchases the generated electricity and/or heat over an agreed term, typically 7-25 years. 

Our PPA product offers the following: 

  • A lower unit price per kWh than is currently paid to the utility supplier 

  • Takes over your electricity grid connection and costs 

  • Power that is renewable electricity under the GHG protocol 

  • Some/all of the site heat requirement is supplied at a discount rate 

  • Price inflation that is linked to RPI rather than to the energy market prices 

  • Improved long term financial planning for our customers 

  • Long term clean energy security 

  • Considerable savings over time 

Project Collaboration 

4 CleanTech's ultimate ambition is to work together with developers of renewable energy generation projects to contribute to each project's success through either equity, debt or a combination of both. 

The team at 4 CleanTech is always looking to acquire projects (especially on-farm anaerobic digestion biogas plants) where the site lease, planning, incentive accreditation (if applicable) are already in place but where a developer has stalled for whatever reason and needs to exit their position. 


First Steps 

If you believe that your sight is suitable candidate for a 4 CleanTech solution, please collect the following information and do not hesitate to get in touch with us to arrange for 4 CleanTech to conduct a desk-based Feasibility Study. 

Required Information: 

  • Electricity and gas bills from the previous 12 months 

  • Details of the installed energy equipment 

  • half-hourly electricity demand data for the previous 12 months 

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