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CASESTUDY: On-site Cogeneration with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

Sector: High profile tennis & leisure private members club

Location: South of England

The Requirement

The club had two gas-fired boilers that provided heat to the main building and the swimming pool, however one of the boilers had become inefficient and needed replacing. Our client, having already adopted roof-top solar PV, was keen to explore more cost-effective and more energy-efficient ways of fulfilling their electricity and heating needs. The site’s energy advisor suggested that on-site cogeneration using a gas-fired CHP would be a good choice and he approached 4CleanTech.

The Solution

With no need for capex and with their future energy prices tied to RPI rather than the wider energy market inflation, 4CleanTech’s 10-year PPA solution proved ideal.

The final CHP design was driven by several factors: the balancing of the club’s power and heat requirements, the need to locate the CHP within the plant room using the same footprint as the redundant boiler and the managing of the noise levels for members using the facilities and the neighbouring residents.

Client drivers for the project:

  • The need to replace an existing, inefficient system

  • Preservation of cash

  • Clarity and management of future power prices

  • A green solution

  • CHPQA-scheme compliant to avoid CCL payments for natural gas and electricity

Technical - main points:

  • Combined Heat and Power unit, 142 kWh, 400 V, 1500 rpm, 50 Hz

  • Engine: MAN 6-cylinder, MAN E 2876 E 312

  • Manufacturer: Sokratherm

  • Soundproofed

  • Replacement for boiler

  • CHPQA compliant

If you would like some more information on this project or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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