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Silphie Report 2021

In 2019, we planted our first Silphie crop alongside maize at a anaerobic digestion plant in Somerset. We are expecting a very good crop this year as we already harvested 96t of Silphie on 2 hectares in 2020.

The images below show the Silphie and how far it has grown already. We have not used any weed killer and fertilised the field (4-5 acres) only once with digestate from the anaerobic digestion plant.

Images 1 an 2 show that the Silphie started to grow at a relatively late stage due to the cold summer and the presence of weed. One month later, (images 3 and 4) the Silphie has established itself. In general, it has dealt much better with the cold weather and rain than the maize crop.

Image 1: 27 May 2021

Image 2: 27 May 2021

Image 3: 9 July 2021

Image 4: 9 July 2021

Image 5: 30 July 2021

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